Hardwood Floor Resurfacing For Westchester & The Hudson Valley

Hardwood floorAt AllCare we understand the importance of properly sealing and maintaining your hardwood floors for long lasting protection and to keep them looking great. Resurfacing hardwood floors is what AllCare has been doing in Westchester and Putnam countries for years. Our resurfacing technique floors does not involve deep sanding by a drum sander machine, instead it involves professional hardwood floor polishing to make your hardwood floor look brand new.

The process of floor resurfacing (with cleaning and polishing) or re-coating hardwood floors is recommended for wood floors that are in decent condition with minimal wear and scratching, ranging from 3-6 years old. This procedure will maintain and prolong the life of the hardwood floor and its finishing and prevent further wear and loss of sheen.

The Hardwood Resurfacing Process

AllCare initiates the resurfacing process by roughing up the surface with fine sand paper (screening). The area is then vacuumed, mopped and cleaned before the final finishing coat application is applied. AllCare’s floor resurfacing services and floor care is offered all over Westchester and Putnam counties. Residential and commercial property owners can get in touch with AllCare and have their hardwood floors shining once again.

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Hardwood Floor Resurfacing